Qualifying examination for the degree of
“Statistical Data Analyst, 3RD Grade License”

  Accreditation Criteria:
Criteria to qualify for the license includes the ability to express data in easy-to-understand tables and figures, the aptitude to organize, calculate and interpret fundamental statistics, and the proficiency to collect, validate and summarize survey data. The details of the criteria are listed in detail below.
  Contents of the qualifying examination:
● Data expression by tables or figures
 Characterization of data as histograms, scatter diagrams and correlation tables. Includes expression of time-series data based on figures, linear regressions, auto-regressions, etc.

● Interpretation and calculation of a variety of basic statistics
 Calculation of the mean, median, mode, variance, and standard deviation. Includes the coefficient of variation, ratio, correlation coefficient and rank correlation coefficient, etc.

● Validity, interpretation and summary of survey data
 Survey data including market research, brand research, and customer satisfaction. Basic summary of survey data including contingency table and data representation by graphs.

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